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In Mori (Stockelsdorf) bei Lübeck aufgewachsen, habe ich bereits von 1916 bis 1918 am Ersten Weltkrieg im Füsilierregiment "Königin" Nr. 86 teilgenommen. Im August 1939 wurde ich als Veteran in die Wehrmacht eingezogen. In diesem Blog veröffentliche ich mein Kriegstagebuch.

Donnerstag, 24. September 2009

24. September 1916

Am Nachmittag gehen wir geschlossen nach Vis-en-Artois zum Verpassen der Gasmasken.

In the afternoon we all go to Vis-en-Artois to be fitted with gas masks.

L'après-midi l'ensemble de la troupe se rend à pied à Vis-en-Artois pour être équipés de masques à gaz.

Nel pomeriggio ci rechiamo tutti a Vis-en-Artois per essere equipaggiati di maschere antigas.

2 Kommentare:

  1. This is great! Please go on with the good work!
    I'm very curious about how Dieter's story will develop. Does the experience make him a different person?

    Since you wrote that you bought the diary; is there any more personal information on him? He seems to like music and just left high-school. Obviously not the typical fighting machine. Anything known about his parents?

  2. Well, what was published about Dieter´s background sofar can be derived from future entries in his diary.

    I do not want to tell the whole story now, but what i can say is that there will be more things we will learn about him. Unfortunately his family will not play a large part in his diary. It looks as if he is focused on his "war-story".

    There will be some surprises and turningpoints in his story as well...